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Need For Speed World Online
Posted by: gamemaster, 2013-05-23, 02:26 - 16 comments

Welcome to Need For Speed World WEB ONLINE Setup Review:

Need for Speed World is a FREE to play online racing game where you can compete with millions of players around the World.It is good to say that game players have an free EA game id legal way to play the NFS WORLD! A world of entertainment, a world of fun, a world where everyone can make a difference, and a difference is made of everyone.


You can play the PC game by downloading the Online Need For Speed World- 6 MB Installer - after create an account inhere. Follow the installation guide than log in the website than start to play ONLINE RACING NEED FOR SPEED WORLD!
Compete in Multiplayer events, take on cops with your friends in Team Escape or cruise around Free Roam while hunting for Treasure Gems. With events catering to Race, Pursuit and Explore, there is an experience for everyone.

In The Game...

SpeedBoost can be used to purchase many of the items you seen in-game. Most items can be purchased in the game or on

  • Powerups – All the Powerups are available to purchase in value-pack bundles

  • Amplifiers – a great way to boost your Level and In-game Cash after every race

  • Web Deals – a collection of the best value bundles in the game – web only

  • Car Sales – Buy cars with SpeedBoost to own them forever

  • Car Rentals – Take a car out for test drive to try for a few days before you buy.

    Game Controls:

    Number Keys



    Powerup 1


    Powerup 2


    Powerup 3


    Powerup 4


    Cursor Keys







    Steer Left


    Steer Right


    Help Gadget


    Reset Car


    Number Pad



    Powerup 4


    Powerup 2


    Powerup 3


    Powerup 1

    Letter Keys





    Look Back


    Profile Gadget


    Friends List






    Open Race Gadget


    Turn Left




    Turn Right




    Focus on Chat


    Camera Angle




    World Map




    Push-to-talk voice chat


    Trigger cop lights


    Print Screen

    Take Screenshot

Skills are very important point in the game. Here is the Skills types.

Extended Nitrous:

Increases the duration of a Nitrous Powerup.

Perfect Start:

Boosts a car's performance at the beginning of a Race if you keep the revs in the sweet spot when the light turns green.

Catch Up:

Increases the performance of your car if you're third place or lower in a race.


Increases the acceleration performance of your car.

Need for Speed:

Increases your car's top speed.

Nerves of Steel:

Improves your car's handling.

Rapid Fire:

Reduces the cooldown period for the Nitrous Powerups.

Strong Finisher:

When One More Lap is activated, your car's performance is increased.

Super Shot:

Increases the power of the Nitrous Powerup.

Traffic Cop:

Reduces the cooldown time on Traffic Magnets.


Powerups can be played more quickly at the start of a race.

Rolling Fortess:

Increases the duration of a Shield Powerup by a few seconds.


Displays cops on the minimap within a certain range.

Most Wanted:

Gives your driver more rep from escaping cop Pursuits.


Increases the amount of Cash you win from Multiplayer Races.


Increases the amount of Cash you win from all Races.

Lightning Reflex:

Reduces the cooldown period of the Ready! Powerup.


Increases the weight of a car for collisions with cops and traffic.


Decreases the time needed to escape a Pursuit.


Receive larger rewards for taking out cops during a Pursuit.

Demolition Man:

Increases the damage done to police when you crash into them.


Increases the power of the Emergency Evade Powerup.

Where's My Perry? Guideline and Tips

Joining alongside such other media tie-ins of popular iOS games such as Angry Birds Rio, Puss n Boots Fruit Ninja, and Temple Run: Brave, Where’s My Perry? puts a fresh coat of Phineas and Ferb paint onto the popular Disney Mobile title, Where’s My Water? Just like in Where’s My Water, gameplay consists primarily of using your finger to break away the dirt that fills the level, creating pathways to guide the water to an opening, allowing Agent P to continue on his way. A secondary objective in each level is to guide the water to also collect the three stars, or in this game, lawn gnomes.

Publisher: Disney
Date: 26th of June, 2012

Where’s My Perry is more than a re-branded version of Where’s My Water.  Where’s My Perry, the new physics-based puzzle app. Even if you wont admit your secret love for Phineas and Ferb, you will surely disclose your soft spot for the extraordinary platypus Agent P!  How can you not fall for the lovable Agent P?  He is saving the world in style as he rocks his fedora better than any other semi-aquatic creature. 

This is the guideline to Where’s My Perry? which is the developer to the original Where’s My Water? Game. 

You may play Where's My Water? by clicking HERE.

You may control agent perry in he adventure game. Agent Perry Strikes back!

"Where's My Perry?" is really one of the most excellent Physics Game! You may want to play our other Physics Games from HERE! Cut The Rope, Where's My Water, Feed The Panda, Angry Penguins, Angry Birds, Gravity Duck, Fragger, Balloons Mail and so on...
So, Where's Our Perry?
Your task in Where’s My Perry is to help Agent P escape from his transportation tubes so he can tackle his next secret mission. Use the lasers planted throughout your path to create different forms of water including liquid, ice, and steam, to power the tubes and help Agent P be the best spy he can be! Don’t forget to collect all three gnomes in each level to unlock other Where’s My Perry levels.

GamesTask's guide and tips presents you guideline, images, tips, and hints on how to enjoy your game.

 The Game Videos...

Let's see the official teaser trailer first;

Than let's see the walkthrough;

 Pre Game...
To get started, go ahead and click the “Play!” option near the top of the screen. Upon doing so, you’ll arrive at a menu that features three options: Begin the game, download Where’s My Water?, or gift the game to a friend. If you choose the play option, you’ll immediately arrive at the first level of the game. 
More Disney - If you’re interested in seeing what else Disney Mobile has released, you can choose the “More Disney” button on the main menu. 

Where's My Perry?Where's My Perry?

In the settings menu there is a gear icon on the bottom left of the screen for adjusting audio and subtitle, change the language, view the game’s credits, edit your profile, or restore purchases. 
Facebook - By clicking the Facebook icon at the bottom of the screen, you’ll be taken to the official page for Where’s My Water? 
Achievements - To view the game’s achievements, go to the level selection area and choose the bottom button labeled “Achievements”

In Game...
Now that we’ve taken a look at the game’s menus, let’s dive into the gameplay. 
From Here to There: The ultimate goal of the game is to lead water from one area of the level to another. Doing so requires you to drag your finger across the screen to create a path through the dirt. 

Where's My Perry?Where's My Perry?

Gnomes - Every level contains three gnomes. Picking all of them up isn’t crucial to winning, but later levels require a certain amount before they’ll unlock. Although most of them can be attained by hitting them with water, certain ones require contact with steam (more on that later). 

Secret Files - Certain levels contain hidden files for you to uncover. If you gather three in a mission (each mission is 20 levels), you’ll be provided a hidden level. You can view how many you have by tapping the “Secret Files” button at the bottom of the level selection screen. 
Crazy-inators - After completing a few levels, you’ll be introduced to “Crazy-inators.” These contraptions have the ability to convert water into steam and ice, and vice versa. This is important, because they’re frequently necessary to beat levels in the game. If you’re unsure how to get the water where it needs to be, try searching the level for a Crazy-inator. Just watch out for the ones that turn your water into useless confetti. 
Sludge - Some levels contain a viscous, purple substance that will cause you to fail the level if it makes contact with where your water is supposed to end up. That said, it can also be used to cover gaps and help lead your water to its goal. 

Where's My Perry?Where's My Perry?

Lava - In some of the later levels, you’ll encounter lava. Like sludge, it will end the level if it reaches the final destination of your water. On the more useful side of things, it can also turn water into steam. 
Progression – Gnomes are a critical part of moving forward in the game. The second set of levels costs 40 gnomes to access; the third costs 85; the fourth costs 135. 
More On the Way - As revealed in the level selection menu, the game will be updated with free content in the future. 

 Hidden Areas...

As stated earlier, uncovering secret files can lead to hidden levels. In these levels, you’ll be in control of the Phineas and Ferb character Balloony. 
Short of the digging mechanic, these levels are largely different from the game’s main offering. Ballooney is ascending, and you must dig away the dirt that’s in his way.
Obstacles - Obstacles like briar will occasionally show up, contact with which will result in having to restart the level. 
Once you go far enough up, you’ll approach a large tube that sucks up Balloony. That’s the end of the level! 

Where's My Perry?Where's My Perry?


Try to be be careful for Crazy-inators. Don’t accidentally lead all of your water to the confetti one. 
Use the Restarting the level is as easy as to take advantage.
Try to Start digging when yo see a question mark near the top left of the screen during the level, it means there’s a Secret File hidden somewhere. 
If the gnomes come in contact with black sludge or lava, they’ll immediately disappear. 
If you don’t have enough gnomes to make it to the next mission, return to the first mission and pick up some of the easier gnomes. 
If a secret file is in a level, try digging away all of the dirt to find it, and then restart the level with the knowledge of where it’s at. 
If you’re being subjected to a cutscene you’ve already viewed, a double tap on the screen will skip it. 
Some levels start with water immediately flowing like crazy. To give yourself some extra time to think, dig a pit for the water to rest in.

Where's My Perry Cheats

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